Producer Geoff Ott working on reference tracks with Matt & Dave

Producer Geoff Ott working on reference tracks with Matt & Dave

Most of this past year (2010) was spent writing new material and sorting out musical arrangements for our growing repertoire. We had begun working with a new, and ultimately temporary, bass player Matthew Kirschenbaum, in the spring and there were many new ideas and grooves in the mix now.

By early summer we had learned that Matthew (we call him K.) was going to be leaving us in September to begin work on a Ph. D. in China based on his Zai Circle project. It seemed like a good idea to record at least a home-made demo of our work together to help us take LYRE to the next step.

With September rushing toward us I began to feel like we could do more. The new arrangements were great and our weekly rehearsals had rendered us a pretty tight trio. Even though we still hadn’t had any luck attracting a drummer, I began to consider recording a full debut album; something that could facilitate a quantum leap forward for the band.

It was at this time that K. mentioned the project to Geoff Ott, a Seattle producer he knew, and who is also co-owner of London Bridge Studios. Geoff and I met and discussed the project. He seemed like a good fit for what LYRE is doing, so before you know it we were planning how to go about recording our debut album – Iconoclast.

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