LYRE Goes Live with March Micro-Sets!

March 27, 2009


LYRE officially became a live band in March with a spate of unannounced short sets at local pubs and clubs.

The day many of you have been waiting for has finally arrived: LYRE is now playing live shows. Actually that day has already come and gone without so much as an email out to our loyal followers. What gives?

It was a calculated risk. We knew we needed to get our stage legs and iron some kinks out of our live performance and we didn’t want to risk booking a full set without working on that first. That’s when we decided to hit several Seattle area open mics first. For those not familiar with the term, an open mic is an evening (usually a slow night) at a local club where musicians and bands can come and work out material in front of a crowd for about 15 minutes each. It truly is a test of your acts ability to grab an audience’s attention fast and not let it wane.

Dave Hoskins of LYRE

Dave Hoskins of LYRE

We started heading out to a couple open mics a week in early March and the response has been very reassuring. Both club patrons and venue owners have been very complimentary and we’re starting to gel more as a band as a result of the experience.

We’ll probably continue the open mic routine (announced only on our “CONCERTS” page here at for the next few weeks but we’re also now actively looking to book full shows and sets in shows shared with other bands. As soon as we have something more than a 15 minute micro-set to announce you can be sure that we’ll be shouting it from the rooftops and hoping all our fans can make it.